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Getting Started with mAirList

This article will give you a quick overview of the mAirList Radio Automation (version 6.3) and will help you to get started with the software.

Activating a license using the License Manager

Demo and trial license

mAirList comes with a demo license that will let you run the software for 30 days. So when you start mAirList for the first time, you will probably see a message like this:

In order to activate the 30-day trial version, click on “Activate Trial License” and choose the type of edition from that dialog:

Purchased license

To activate a purchased license from your mAirList customer account, click on “Download/Activate” and log in to your Customer Area right here:

Choose the license that should be activated on you computer. Normally it is listed in bold letters.

When you confirm with OK, you are ready to use mAirList version 6 without any limitation, including all minor updates for free.

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