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mAirList 6.1

This page describes the new features and other notable changes in mAirList 6.1.

Note that not all features are available in all licenses/editions. See the product page for feature comparisons.

The complete changelog can be found here:

Software downloads are here.

New Features


Automatic Hook Containers

Automatic Hook Containers, available as a new playlist item type, are filled automatically with the hooks of the next few music items in the playlist. They update in realtime, even if you move music items around. You can adjust the starting point for the collection of music items using a another new item type, Automatic Hook Container Marker, that you place somewhere below the actual container item (e.g. after the TOTH).

Mix Editor Screen Object

The Mix Editor is now also available as a GUI Screen Object for custom layouts. It follows the focus and selection of items in the main playlist.

Playlist Filenames

The playlist will now remember the name of the loaded playlist file again, show a save confirmation and so on.

Item Type Colors in Config App

Per-item-type colors can now be set on the new GUI → Item Colors page in the configuration app:

The colors set here will be used in the main playlist, the browser, and also the Library and Playlist views of the mAirListDB app. You can used it as a quick way to set global colors for item types without manual editing of skin.ini.


Transition Templates

Transition rules (for placing jingles between music items), formerly part of Music Templates, can now be defined in global Transition Templates and assigned to days/hours just like Hour and Music Templates. Transition rules are still available in Music Templates, but this is considered deprecated now, and you should move to Transition Templates soon.

New Manage Templates Dialog

The “Manage Templates” and “Template Assignments” dialog have been merged into a single dialog, so you can edit (hour/music/transition) templates, and assign them to days/hours, from the same dialog without switching back and forth all the time.

Adjust Template Assigment During Scheduling

The Mini Scheduler has a new option “Adjust template assigment” which will bring up a new dialog where you can make one-time changes to the templates being used for that scheduling round, e.g. to override default settings on a holiday.

External Items in Hour Templates

Hour Templates offer a new item type “External Items”. You can use it to add items to the hour that are not part of your mAirListDB Library, e.g. the new Automatic Hook Container.

MusicMaster Nexus Synchronization

Synchronization between the mAirListDB and the MusicMaster library can now be performed using the MusicMaster Nexus API. Likewise mAirListDB can fetch schedules directly from MusicMaster via Nexus. Requires the Nexus module in mAirList.

Custom Text File Export

A new Custom Text File export mechanism lets you export your library in a custom text form using Logging Variables.

Other Changes

  • Splash screen has been removed (bye-bye 1990s!)
  • The “Run Script” command can now be found in the About menu (next to the mAirList button in the toolbar)
  • The configuration app will give you a warning when you run it while the playout app is active.
  • If you set a shutdown password in the config, it is now also enforced for the DBServer and DBImporter apps.
  • Samplerate can be adjusted for Mixdown (was formerly hardcoded to 44100).
  • File import and tag reading (ID3 etc.) routines have been redesigned.
  • DHD remote can set the channel label to the title of item loaded into that player.
  • Improved handling of linked items when links are set while player is still loading.
  • Playout window remember the width of the browser (in auto layout mode).
  • You can set a result limit for the Database Search Browser in the config (section [DatabaseSearch], Limit=<number>). Only works with mAirListDB; requires server version 6.1 in case of DBClient/DBServer.
  • mAirList can now import cue markers from Radiohost tags in MP3 files.
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