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Logging Variables

General variables

%Y Current year as YYYY
%y Current year as YY
%M Current month as MM
%D Current day as DD
%h Current hour as HH
%m Current minute as MM
%s Current second as SS
%w ISO 8601 week of the year
%T{Format} Current date/time, using FormatDateTime formatting (see below)
%S{Format} Start time in FormatDateTime formatting (used for stop logging)
%t Tab character (ASCII 9)
%r CR character (ASCII 13)
%n Newline Character (ASCII 10)
%% Creates a % sign in the output
%g Unique identifier of the associated playback operation
%R{Key} Runtime data
%# Total number of current listeners on all encoder connections
%${Digits} Index of file (used for file export with custom filename pattern)
%x Computer name
%X Instance name

Information about the item being played

%a Artist
%b Title
%l Total duration, in seconds with fractions
%l{Format} Total duration, in FormatDateTime format
%L Total duration, as HH:MM:SS
%d Actual playback duration, in DirectSound units seconds (for stop logging)
%e Actual playback duration, in seconds with fractions (for stop logging)
%e{Format} Actual playback duration, in FormatDateTime format (for stop logging)
%p Effective playback duration, in seconds with fractions
%p{Format} Effective playback duration, in FormatDateTime format (from v6.3 on)
%P Effective playback duration, as HH:MM:SS
%F Projected finish time (start time + duration), in FormatDateTime format
%c{Type} Cue marker, in sections with fractions
%E End type
%I Item type (internal identifier)
%J Item type (human readable)
%u{Key} Attribute value
%C Comment
%U Internal Database ID
%V External ID
%k Icon filename
%K Icon data as BASE64 string
%1 Filename with path
%2 Filename without path
%3 Filename without path and extension
%4 Filename without path, first character only
%i{Key} Raw file tag data

Additional variables for HTTP POST multipart/form-data logging

The following variables are only supported in HTTP POST multipart/form-data logging.

They must be typed into the “value” field as is, with no other strings/variables around them.

%ALBUMART Album art (if available), as binary form data (from v6.3.3)

Additional variables for playlist/advertising import (filename pattern)

%B Block number
%2B Block number, two digits, leading 0
%3B Block number, three digits, leading 0
%N Region number
%2N Region number, two digits, leading 0
%3N Region number, three digits, leading 0


Some variables expect a time format string in Delphi's FormatDateTime notation, see

Subsequent items

By using + signs in the variables, you can access the data of the subsequent (next) items in the playlist.

For example %+a retrieves the artist of the next item, not the current one, %++a the artist of the item after the next item, and so on.

For performance reasons, the number of items considered/available is limited to 3 by default. You can adjust this value through a manual setting in mAirList.ini:


Please note that this limit applies to the overall number of subsequent items available for logging, before any possible item type filtering. So if you want to log e.g. the next 3 “Music” items, but there are times when there are 4 non-music items in between (jingles, news, advertising, etc.), you must set the limit to 7 or higher.

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