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MusicMaster Integration

MusicMaster is one of the world-leading music scheduling software packages, used by hundreds of commercial radio stations world wide. MusicMaster can be used as an alternative to themAirListDB built-in music scheduling (which produces fair results for smaller setups, but does not have the vast amount of options and functions found in a dedicated music scheduling software such as MusicMaster).

mAirList offers three different ways of integration with MusicMaster.

mAirListDB required Nexus API required Primary Database
1. Sync via files yes yes mAirList
2. Sync via Nexus yes - mAirList
3. Direct Nexus connection - yes MusicMaster

Option 1: mAirListDB synchronization via files

In this traditional setup, mAirList and MusicMaster communicate through text file exports - CSV (for mAirListDB library export to MusicMaster) and TPI (for log export from MusicMaster to mAirListDB). Songs are added to mAirListDB first, then exported to MusicMaster.

See full tutorial for synchronization via files.

Option 2: mAirListDB synchronization via the Nexus API

This is pretty much like like file synchronization, but uses the MusicMaster Nexus API to synchronize library and playlists.

See full tutorial for synchronization via Nexus.

Option 3: Direct Nexus database connection

This is a very different approach to those above, as it does not involve any mAirListDB database. Instead, the mAirList playout process attaches itself directly to the Nexus server, using MusicMaster as the library and scheduling backend. This approach works best for 24/7 automated music channels, as it gets rid of the constant synchronization – all library maintenance and scheduling is done in MusicMaster.

See full tutorial for Nexus database connection.

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