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mAirList 6.3

This page describes the new features and other notable changes in mAirList 6.3.

Note that not all features are available in all licenses/editions. See the product page for feature comparisons.

The complete changelog can be found here:

Software downloads are here.

New Features and Changes

mAirList 6.3 features many smaller changes and improvements for users of previous mAirList 6.x releases. We highlight some of the most important changes below. Please refer to the full changelog for a list of all changes in this version.

File Import and Normalization

There is a new option list “Default tasks for new files” where you can limit the operations performed when unknown files are first added to the library or playlist.

Voice Tracking now supports R128 normalization for recorded tracks.

We generally use True Peak (according to R128) as the default normaliziation method now.

mAirListDB Multi-Station Improvements

Those who schedule more than one station within a single mAirListDB database can now access all stations even when opening the DB application from within the playout. Previously this was only possible when running the mAirListDB app from Windows Start Menu as a separate process.

You can also schedule multiple stations in one run from the Mini Scheduler dialog or Generate Playlists action.

mAirListDB Scheduler Improvements

Transition template rules have a new setting “minimum subsequent music items” that prevent transitions being placed before the last song of the hour (or any number you choose).

The new “Maximum overall penalty” setting allows you to refuse scheduling of items that don't meet a particular separation requirement, skipping the position altogether.

mAirListDB General Improvements

Library loading times have been reduced especially when working with nested containers.

The Advertising tab is hidden automatically when the internal ad scheduler is not used at all (no ad blocks defined).

CSV import has been improved with a new file type that ignores fuzzy matches by artist/title.

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