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mAirList 6.2

This page describes the new features and other notable changes in mAirList 6.2.

Note that not all features are available in all licenses/editions. See the product page for feature comparisons.

The complete changelog can be found here:

Software downloads are here.

New Features

Advertising Scheduler GUI (Advanced/Pro)

The advertising scheduler in mAirListDB has a brand-new GUI on the new “Advertising” tab in the mAirListDB main window. It makes scheduling of advertising much easier than ever, thanks to the new weekly preview.

mAirListDB Reports (Professional)

The mAirListDB application has a new “Reports” tab where you can generate various kinds of reports, from a detailed on-air log to statistics by item type or artist. Results can be exported in various formats for royalty reporting.

DBServer Transcoding (Professional)

The mAirListDB Server can now transcode audio files to lower quality on the fly to reduce download times for clients on slow networks.

New License Manager

The License Manager has been overhauled and comes with a much more user-friendly interface. For those running mAirList on a temporary license or monthly subscription, it is now possible to download the extended license without restarting the playout.

Note: We dropped the “demo mode”, please use 30-day trial licenses to test-drive the software.

Silence Detection (Professional)

There is a new “Silence Detection” DSP module that can be used in the encoder to trigger actions (e.g. sending an e-mail) when there is silence in the encoder output.

Underrun Protection

The “When playlist runs empty in automation” action list is now triggered also in case fixed times are reached too early (before an Infinite Silence item is used to wait for the fixed time), not only when the playlist run completely empty.

Cue Sheet writing

Cue Sheets can be generated automatically for all recordings made through File Recorder, Aircheck Recorder or “Record to file” encoder connection

FLAC Album Art and Streaming

mAirList can now extract album art from FLAC files, and FLAC is available as a built-in audio format for streaming to Icecast2 servers. An up-to-date flac.exe encoder is shipped with mAirList.

R 128 Normalization

All normalization functions can now use either (true) peak levels or R 128 loudness.

Start/Stop Logging

All logging interfaces support both start and stop logging now, and the configuration dialogs have a similar appearance for all methods.

Windows Event Log

Errors from the mAirList System Log can now be written to Windows Event Log as well.

Other Changes

  • The cartwall “on air” device is now used for PFL as well if no PFL device is configured, which is the most useful setting for most setups (previously the default PFL device was used).
  • bass.dll updated to 2.4.14
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