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mAirList 5.3

This page describes the new features and other notable changes in mAirList 5.3.

Note that not all features are available in all licenses/editions.

The complete changelog can be found here:

New Features

MusicMaster Nexus database

mAirList can now use a MusicMaster Nexus server as a database backend. That means you can use mAirList as a playout system using MusicMaster as the sole scheduling backend, without any synchronization (library import, schedule export). mAirList-specific metadata (e.g. cue markers) can be stored in a Memo text field inside MusicMaster. You can also map any mAirList attribute to any field in MusicMaster. The interface supports MusicMaster Enterprise (master/client) databases, as well as versioning through XML attributes in the schedule output.

The Nexus interface will be available in a special MusicMaster-enabled version of mAirList only. Please contact sales for more information.

MambaNet remote control

This version introduces support for the MambaNet protocol, mainly used to remote control mAirList from a D&R Axum mixing console.

XML file logging

A new logging interface allows you to create arbitrary XML files from the song data.

iTunes Search API

mAirList has a built-in interface to the iTunes Search API now: Just set up a Standard Attribute of the new type “iTunes Track ID”, and you will see a new Search button in the attributes editor of each track – clicking that button will search for the track in the iTunes Store, and save the track ID as the attribute value. Once the track ID is stored as an attribute, you can e.g. transfer it to your web server during HTTP logging, and then display a link to the iTunes Store in your online playlist.

FLAC file encoding

All file encoding functions (mixdown, aircheck, file import, …) support FLAC lossless audio files as an additional output format now.

DHD state logics and easier setup

The DHD 52/4200/3200 remote control interface can now report certain internal states of mAirList (automation on, PFL active, …) as logic states to the console, for example for display on a TFT view, or as a base for logic and output functions (e.g. switch PFL input to monitor when PFL is active).

For users of all current Series 52 models (firmware 7.x.x.x or 8.x.x.x), it's now possible to export the Toolbox project as an XML file and import that file into mAirList – this will make the configuration much easier, because you can simply select the desired fader channel for a player from a list, and mAirList will set up all logics automatically.

Cartwall Hook Mode

The cartwall supports Hook Mode (again), so you can easily play hooks through a cart player.


mAirListDB Advertising Scheduler

In the Advertising Settings for a spot, you can now import/export the block schedule (right-click the table), and also export the list of scheduled plays as a text file. For that purpose, a new setting “projected time” has been added to the ad block settings.

Axia Livewire

The Livewire remote control interface supports scripting; this can be used to set Livewire GPIOs from a script.

mAirListDB Server

In the user configuration, there is a new Permissions tab; currently used to control whether a user is allowed to download files from the DB server to the local disk (new feature!); more options will follow. Please note that all users will be reset to Administrator level when you import an older configuration.


Smaller improvements include:

  • Playout and database: When adding playlist items through the menu, the item properties dialog remains non-modal so you can continue working (or add items to container) in the background.
  • Player: Waveform options: Allow seek on mouse click
  • M3U Import: Support for SPL5 EXTINF tags

Other Changes

  • Encoder: Multi-region support must be enabled explicitly in config
  • More convenient handling of errors during startup
  • Updated bass_dx.dll to (should avoid possible Access Violation errors that we had with the old version)
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