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mAirList 5.2

This page describes the new features and other notable changes in mAirList 5.2.

To check which features are available in your edition, please see the Feature Matrix on the website.

The complete changelog can be found here.

New Features

Revamped DHD remote control interface

The remote control interface for DHD (Series 52, RM4200D, RM3200D) mixing consoles has received a major update with various new options and settings.

A description of the new configuration options can be found here: DHD Series 52, RM4200D, RM3200D

Matrix Mixer

The Matrix Mixer allows you to route any soundcard input to any soundcard output with a single click. You can load and save presets as *.txt files.

This feature is available in mAirList Professional Studio only. It can be found in the menu next to the mAirList button in the playout window toolbar.

Playlist: "Skipped" and "Played" items

The playlist now distiguishes between “played” and “skipped” items, and uses two new icons to indicate the respective state. All menus have been adjusted accordingly.

Attention, script programmers: The old pisHistory constant (for CurrentPlaylist.GetMetadata(xx).GetState) does not longer exist; please use the new constants pisPlayed and pisSkipped instead now.

Redesigned Mini Scheduler dialog and playlist preview

The old Mini Scheduler dialog has been split into two dialogs: In the first. you specify the relevant settings for the scheduling task (start and end date, options, etc.). Then, when the playlists are generated, there is a second dialog where you can preview the generated playlists, before you eventually choose to save them.

New cartwall color options

Due to popular demand, we're bringing back the “classic” cartwall color scheme, with fixed colors indicating the state of the players.

On the new Cartwall → Colors page in mAirListConfig, you can choose which color scheme to use (“classic” is th default now), and also adjust the colors, and the brightness settings for the “dynamic” scheme.

Maximum Age setting

For file playlist items, you can now specify a maximum file age - if the file is older than that, the player will refuse to load and play it. This feature will help you to prevent broacasting old news files that have not been updated for some time due to download errors etc.

Tools window for screen objects

For all screen objects, there are now three options regarding their location inside the main window: Above browser, below browser, or inside the Tools window. When you set at least one screen object to the latter option, a new button named Tools will appear in the main toolbar, opening a window that hosts all those screen objects. You can use this window to keep screen objects you don't use very often away from the main screen, saving space in your layout.

Other Changes

  • The BASSmix library is now used to process all streaming content (stream playback, Live Feed processing etc.), which should result in better performance and reliability.
  • Audio devices are now sorted alphabetically in the Audio Devices configuration lists.
  • New action lists: “When a non-player PFL function is started” and “When a non-player PFL function is started”. These refer to all prelisten functions outside a player, e.g. the Cue Editor, Mix Editor, PFL screen object etc.
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