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Playlist Items

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Standard Playlist Items


One or more file(s) can be loaded from a local directory.

File on HTTP/FTP server

Select a http: or ftp: Server to load your file from.


Loads a prepared playlist. This can be any other format but mAirList playlist (*.mlp); please see allowed formats.

Files as Container

Creates a container from the selected files directly in your playlist.

Special Playlist Items


A dummy item is exactly that. Its only purpose is to allow someone working on a Playlist to add a ‘comment’ to the Playlist, by changing the Artist and/or Title in its Properties.
You can use dummy items as visual ‘markers’ (Top Of The Hour or Competition, for example), or to provide information or instructions to the operator.
Use the Comments in the dummy item’s Properties if you need to add more text.


Plays an audio stream from a defined URL. You can ‘name’ a stream by changing the Title in its Properties dialog
You are asked to enter a Duration for playing the stream.

Stream (infinite)

See Stream (above), but without a duration.

Live Feed

A Live Feed plays the signal coming from a soundcard. Up to 8 Live Feed inputs can be defined in the Configuration at Audio Devices. You can ‘name’ a live feed by changing the Title in its Properties dialog
You are asked to enter a Duration.

Live Feed (infinite)

See Live Feed (above), but without a duration.

Automation Break Point


In Auto mode, a command item contains one or more mAirList commands which are processed immediately. Command items are useful if you need to run commands (especially timed commands) during Auto mode, and are more visible and flexible than adding Actions to Playlist items.
Because they cannot be loaded into Players, command items have no effect in Assist mode.


A silence item is exactly that: audio silence of the Duration specified on its Properties dialog.

Silence (infinite)

See Silence (above), but without a duration.


A container item is a ‘mini Playlist’ of one or more items. The container is treated by mAirList as one Playlist item (except for logging). Usually, the items in a container are all audio files, but any type of item is allowed. Items in a container are played out in a single Player (as if in Auto mode), using any Start Next and Fade Out cue markers in the container’s items for segues. Note that after you add an item to a container, you cannot view or change any Properties of any of the ‘contained’ items — including cue markers — which means the only way to adjust segues in containers is to delete items, adjust their cue markers, then add them to the container again.

Usually, the easiest way to load and create a container is to add the items you want in your container to the Playlist, select all those items, then right-click and click Create Container. You can ‘name’ a container by changing the Title in its Properties dialog from the default Container.

Items played from inside a container item are still logged as individual Playlist items, so if your station uses mAirList logging to send ‘now playing’ information (for example, to a web site), this will still work properly. However, the container’s start and stop are also logged, so you will probably want to exclude log entries with a Type of Container from your ‘now playing’ processing.

Embedded Playlist

Multi-Track Container

[v6.0] Multi-Track Containers are a new kind of container playlist item. Unlike ordinary containers, items are not played one by one, but you can arrange them freely on the timeline using the Mix Editor.

News Container

[v6.0] Another special kind of container items. Just point mAirList to the required audio files for your news break (intro, music bed, etc.) and the actual news content (which can also be an HTTP URL), and mAirList will “magically” construct a container from it, mixing all items perfectly together.

Please note: The start of the content (speaker reading the news) can be set manually by setting the Start Next marker on the music bed or a combined opener with music bed.

Hook Container

Automatic Hook Container

Automatic Hook Container Marker

Region Container

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