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Logging Variables

General variables

%Y Current year as YYYY
%y Current year as YY
%M Current month as MM
%D Current day as DD
%h Current hour as HH
%m Current minute as MM
%s Current second as SS
%w IOS8601 week of the year
%T{Format} Current date/time, using FormatDateTime formatting (see below)
%S{Format} Start time in FormatDateTime formatting (used for stop logging)
%t Tab character (ASCII 9)
%r CR character (ASCII 13)
%n Newline Character (ASCII 10)
%g Unique identifier of the associated playback operation
%R{Key} Runtime data
%# Total number of current listeners on all encoder connections
%${Digits} Index of file (used for file export with custom filename pattern)

Information about the item being played

%a Artist
%b Title
%l Total duration, in sections with fractions
%l{Format} Total duration, in FormatDateTime format
%L Total duration, as HH:MM:SS
%d Actual playback duration, in DirectSound units seconds (for stop logging)
%e Actual playback duration, in seconds with fractions (for stop logging)
%e{Format} Actual playback duration, in FormatDateTime format (for stop logging)
%p Effective playback duration, in seconds
%P Effective playback duration, as HH:MM:SS
%F Projected finish time (start time + duration), in FormatDateTimeFormat
%c{Type} Cue marker, in sections with fractions
%E End type
%I Item type (internal identifier)
%J Item type (human readable)
%u{Key} Attribute value
%C Comment
%U Internal Database ID
%V External ID
%k Icon filename
%K Icon data as BASE64 string
%1 Filename with path
%2 Filename without path
%3 Filename without path and extension
%4 Filename without path, first character only
%i{Key} Raw file tag data

Additional variables for playlist/advertising import (filename pattern)

%B Block number
%2B Block number, two digits, leading 0
%3B Block number, three digits, leading 0
%N Region number
%2N Region number, two digits, leading 0
%2N Region number, three digits, leading 0


Some variables expect a time format string in Delphi's FormatDateTime notation, see

Subsequent items

By using + signs in the variables, you can access the data of the subsequent (next) items in the playlist.

For example %+a retrieves the artist of the next item, not the current one, %++a the artist of the item after the next item, and so on.

For performance reasons, the number of items considered/available is limited to 3 by default. You can adjust this value through a manual setting in mAirList.ini:

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