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BASS Error Codes

BASS Error 2, lame.exe missing

When trying to set up a Shoutcast/Icecast stream in MP3 format, or create a Mixdown or voice track in MP3 format, you may receive the error message “BASS Error 2, lame.exe missing?”.

LAME (or lame.exe) is the encoding software used by mAirList in order to create MP3 files and streams. As the MP3 format is patented in many countries, which would require the payment of royalty fees, the default setup of mAirList does not come with any MP3 encoding functionality. If you think that you are allowed to use MP3 technology in your country, find a copy of lame.exe on the Internet and copy it into your mAirList program folder (to the same folder as mAirList.exe).

Update 05/2017: As the MP3 patents expire, we do ship LAME now, starting with mAirList 5.3.13. For older versions, you must still download it manually.

BASS Error 3 in BASS_ASIO_Init during startup

During startup mAirList enumerates all available audio devices (DirectSound, WASAPI and ASIO), and each device is initialized shortly in order to determine its parameters, e.g. the number of available output channels.

For ASIO devices, the above error message may appear, usually because of any of the following reasons:

  • The device is already in use in DirectSound or WASAPI mode, either by mAirList or another application. Most ASIO sound cards cannot be used in ASIO and DirectSound/WASAPI mode simultaneously.
  • The sound card has been removed from the computer, but the drivers are still present in the system.

In either case, you can go to the mAirList configuration, Audio Settings → ASIO page, select the appropriate device from the list on the top, and then check Ignore this device. This will prevent the error message in the future.

BASS Error 44 on Windows Server

When trying to play MP3 files on Windows Server operating systems, the players may fail to load and return BASS Error 44 (codec not found).

This is because Windows Server doesn’t have the required MP3 (playback) codec installed by default. You can add the codec by installing either Windows Media Player or the Desktop Experience feature:

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