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Window Message Client Remote Control

The Window Message Client remote control interface provides a mechanism to execute remote control commands through Window messages.

The procotol is designed to work with any kind of server application that can process and forward window messages containing logic data, as explained below.

How it works

On startup, mAirList will look for a window with the given WindowName and send a RegisterMessage to it, providing its own window handle.

The server application must now send messages of type WM_USER, with an input address as the WParam, and a numeric value as the LParam parameter.

mAirList can also send logic changes back to the server using an optional SetOutputMessage.

When mAirList is closed, it will send a final UnregisterMessage to the server application, unsubscribing from any messages.


Open the standalone configuration app, or the Control Panel, go to the Remote Control section, and add a new Windows Message Client remote interface.

On the Messages tab, you can assign received messages to remote control commands:

First enter the desired Input (WParam) and Value (LParam), then click Add to add the message to the list at the top of the dialog. Now click the Command column, and select a remote control from the list, or type one manually. To delete a particular message, highlight it, then click Delete.

On the Settings tab, the window name and message names are specified, according to the requirements of the server application you are using:


The remote control interface provides a procedure to set an output from a script:

procedure SetWMClientOutput(iIndex, iNumber, iValue: integer);

iIndex is the index of the WMClient remote in the system (the first has index 0), iNumber is the number of the output, and iValue the new value.

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