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Telos VX LWCP Remote Control

The Telos VX LWCP Remote Control interface allows you to connect to Telos VX devices through the Livewire Control Protocol (LWCP).

It can currently only be used from a script.


Open the standalone config app, or the Control Panel, go to the Remote Control page, and add a new Telos VX LWCP remote control.

You must provide the following information:

  • Host name or IP
  • Port
  • Authentication (user name and password)
  • Studio ID (numeric) or name associated with this connection/computer

The remote interface will automatically authenticate itself and select the studio with the associated ID or name when the connection is established.


All line events received from the VX remote are passed to background scripts using the following procedure:

// Called when a Line event is received from a Telos VX LWCP remote
procedure OnVXLineEvent(Remote: IVXLWCPRemote; Line, Hybrid: integer;
  Comment, State, CallState: string; Time, Cause: integer;
  Busy: boolean; RemoteNumber, CallerID, Direction: string);

The following function is used to acccess a VX remote from a script:

function VXLWCPRemote(iIndex: integer): IVXLWCPRemote;

Remotes are 0-based, so VXLWCPRemote(0) returns the first Telos VX remote in the system.

The IVXLWCPRemote interfaces provides a couple of methods to work with the connection to the VX system:

procedure SelectStudio(iValue: string);
procedure CallNumber(iLine: integer; iNumber: string);
procedure DropCall(iLine: integer);
procedure TakeCall(iLine: integer);
procedure HoldCall(iLine: integer; iReady: boolean);
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