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This article covers the configuration of hotkeys for the remote control of mAirList.

Local and global (system-wide) hotkeys

mAirList supports two kinds of hotkeys:

  • Local: Hotkeys only work when mAirList application is in the foreground and focused.
  • System-wide (global): Hotkeys work regardless of whether the mAirList application is in the foreground or background. System-wide hotkeys are always routed to mAirList, so they cannot be used by any other application anymore.

As a thumb rule, use system-wide hotkeys only for very special shortcuts (e.g. Alt+Ctrl+F1) that are not used in any other software. System-wide hotkeys are often used with programmable POS keyboards.


Go to the Remotes page in the standalone config app or the Control Panel, click Add, then select either Hotkeys (local) or Hotkeys (system-wide). The configuration dialog will look the same for either kind.

To add a new shortcut, click the Shortcut field first, then press the desired key or key combination. It will appear in the Shortcut field. Click Add to add it to the list of hotkeys in the upper part of the dialog.

To assign a command to the shortcut, select it from the drop down menu, or type it manually in the table cell next to the shortcut. For scripting purposes, any arbitrary new command (if not already used by mAirList itself) can be typed in and be evaluated in a background script by

procedure OnExecuteCommand(Command: string);
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