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Game Controllers, Joysticks, Gamepads

This article covers the use of game controllers for remote control in mAirList.

Supported Hardware

mAirList supports any kind of game controller that is compatible with Windows, i.e., that is listed in the Sound, video and game controllers section of Windows Control Panel. Nowaways these are mostly USB devices, including

mAirList specifically uses the buttons of these game devices to trigger commands, not the axes.

Modified game controllers are often used to enable fader start for old analog broadcast mixers with potential free contact closures - just connect the fader start contacts of the console to the button contacts of the game device.

A useful and inexpensive way to achieve remote control is to look for a so-called Zero Delay Arcade Game Controller, ubiquitously-offered on Ebay and similar platforms. These devices are sporting up to 12 remote inputs to be easily connected to a floating remote contact (relay, opto coupler or simple push button).


Open the standalone config app, or Control Panel, and go to the Remote Control section, then click Add to add another Joystick/Gamepad device.

In the configuration dialog, first select the game device from the list at the top of the dialog.

In the table below the device selector, there will be one row per button on the selected game device. Select a command from the list, or type on manually, to assign it to the button. Switch between the Button Pressed and Button Released tab to assign commands to either condition.

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