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Stereo Tool

Stereo Tool is a popular sound processing plugin, created by Hans van Zutphen of Thimeo Audio Technology B.V. in the Netherlands.

For general information, please see the Stereo Tool website.

Stereo Tool and mAirList

Stereo Tool is available in a variety of plugins format. For mAirList, use any of the following:

  • Generic DLL (supported from mAirList 6.0)
  • Winamp DSP
  • VST

The plugin can be used in various places in mAirList, most notably as the master DSP in the streaming encoder.

Generic DLL

This is the recommended version, as it does not involve any intermediate wrapper DLLs.

The generic DLL, now called libStereoTool, can be downloaded here:

Unzip the archiv, go to the lib\Windows\32 folder, and copy libStereoTool_32.dll to The file must be copied into the plugins folder inside the mAirList program directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\mAirList 7.x\plugins for mAirList 7.

Note: Earlier versions of the plugin where named generic_stereo_tool.dll. Later it was changed to libStereoTool_32.dll. mAirList will recognize both names starting with version 7.2.6. For earlier versions, you must rename the DLL to generic_stereo_tool.dll.

Once you have done so, you restart mAirList and add Stereo Tool into any DSP chain by clicking Add → Stereo Tool in the DSP configuration.

Winamp plugin

Using the Winamp plugin version was the recommended way to use Stereo Tool in mAirList 5.x and below. Just download the plugin from the Stereo Tool website, install it, and add it as a Winamp plugin in mAirList.

VST plugin

This is the least recommended version, as the BASS VST wrapper involved (bass_vst.dll) is known to be a bit buggy at times.

In any case, always use the 32bit plugin, even on a 64bit Windows. (It must match the appplication, and mAirList is a 32bit application.)

Note that the encoder.ini will grow very large (and saving the config takes a lot of time) when using the VST plugin as all Stereo Tool parameters will be incorporated into mAirList's encoder.ini config file.

VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

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