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Supported Mixing Consoles

This list gives an overview over the mixing consoles that are supported for faderstart, remote control etc. It also gives some configuration hints for some models.

Note that even if your console is not supported directly, it might still be possible to use some sort of generic (USB) remote device to interface between the fader start function of the console and mAirList.

Important: Interfaces listed here are not available in all mAirList editions. Please check the feature matrix to see which interfaces are actually supported by your particular mAirList license/edition.


Series 52 (All models - RX2, SX2, 52/TX, 52/MX, 52/SX, 52/RX, etc.)

Status: supported

Console can be attached via TCP/IP or serial port.

Ember+ protocol can be used simultaneously for additional functionality, e.g. setting Global Labels.


Status: supported

Compatible with Series 52 for the most part. Availability of TCP/IP depends on the core module version. For older cores use serial port instead.


Status: limited support

Serial port only. Uses a subset of the RM4200D/52 packets, with a slightly different serial protocol. Set correct console type in DHD remote control configuration.


Status: Supported since v6.1.5. Only basic functionality (faderstart and PFL).


All supported Lawo (hardware) consoles use the SAS protocol (sometimes called “RAS protocol” or “diamond protocol”) via serial port or via TCP/IP. JADE Studio uses Ember+ protocol.


Status: supported


Status: supported

crystal, crystal v2 (2014), crystal clear

Status: supported


Status: supported

R3LAY VRX (formerly JADE Studio)

Not a hardware mixing console but a software solution. Provides 8 GPIOs over Ember+.

Status: Supported from mAirList 5.1 build 2703

Note: libember_slim.dll is packaged with mAirList but requires Visual C++ 2013 runtimes:



Status: supported (from v5.0)


Status: supported

Airlab Mk2

Status: supported

Airmate, Airmate USB

Status: remote control not supported

USB connection is only for audio; needs external interface for fader start.


Status: supported (from v6.1)


OnAir 500

Status: remote control not supported

OnAir 1000

Status: supported

Uses SAS over serial port.

OnAir 1500

Status: supported (tbc)

Uses SAS over TCP/IP or serial port.

OnAir 2000

Status: supported

Uses SAS over serial port.

OnAir 2500

Status: supported (tbc)

Uses SAS over TCP/IP or serial port.

OnAir 3000

Status: supported (tbc)

Uses SAS over TCP/IP or serial port.



Status: supported

Uses the Axia TCP/IP Direct Interface on localhost port 93.


WheatNet-IP (LX-24 etc.)

Status: supported as of mAirList 5.1

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